Comments, Questions, Concerns?

I enjoy posting new additions to my blog, but one thing I adore above all else is viewing other people’s blogs.

I love the opportunity to hear what other people think about issues that I care about. I relish the opportunity to view new pictures and quotes that I never would have been exposed to otherwise. I can’t wait to scroll through the WordPress reader and see how my day will be affected by each blog that I read. And above all, I love letting others know that I appreciate the time they’ve taken to post!

wordpress like buttonThere’s (almost) nothing better than getting an email alert or seeing that little star icon to let you know that someone has liked your post. At least one person out there in the whole wide world took the time out of their day to let you know that they enjoyed something you wrote, and that’s a big freakin’ deal! And providing that same feeling of elation for someone else is just as great a feeling!

How long does it take to like a post? One second? Two seconds? Maybe even half a second! And in that second, you can completely brighten up someone’s day.

wordpress commentAnd the one thing better than a like? A comment! There’s (absolutely) nothing better than getting a request to approve a comment, or seeing that speech bubble icon let you know that someone has so thoroughly enjoyed your post, that they took a whole minute out of their hectic day to think of something unique and special to say! Even if I only put as innocent a comment as, “Wow, your cat is so cute!”, I know it’s made someone’s day, and in turn, that makes my day!

It’s truly better to give than to receive. So don’t be stingy with that “like” or “comment” button, and be sure to share the love and get some happiness coming your way!