Saying YES to Life

I’m sure everyone is somewhat familiar with the Jim Carrey movie, Yes Man. It revolves around the concept that Jim Carrey has to say “yes” to every opportunity he is presented with, and the experience ends up enriching his life in an unexpected way. Happiness and hilarity ensue.

While he may have taken it to extremes in the movie, the basic premise is sound. Saying yes to the things life has to offer you will often leave you feeling pleasantly surprised and can break up the monotony of the rut we all find ourselves in. This is what I’m striving to do, say yes to life and appreciate what is offered to me.

say yes to lifeIt doesn’t have to be anything intense, like skydiving, or life-affirming, like sleeping on the streets to recognize the sufferings of the less fortunate. If that’s where your soul takes you, so be it. But if all you get out of this is some more time spent with friends and a couple of new pictures to scrapbook, that’s worth the journey and should be celebrated.

One thought on “Saying YES to Life

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