The School

I currently attend the University of Maryland, College Park and absolutely love everything this school has to offer. From academics, to campus life, to sports and clubs there is always something for the students here. I am merely going to take note of things I observe while here, some may be related to the university experience, or some merely observations on life I have come to acknowledge while here. This school has afforded me so many great opportunities for recognizing the importance of life and celebrating each moment of it. A lot of what I mention is in the context of UMD and I am always grateful for their presence and role.


Any information about the University of Maryland can be accessed through their main website at

3 thoughts on “The School

  1. Katy you just popped a memory bubble. I went to Maryland too, a generation ago. I currently live in Sterling, VA so I never really left the area. Grew up in Silver Spring. Love the cat picture and I’m going to have to read more of your blog when I get back from my cruise.

    • That’s awesome that you went to Maryland too! I can’t imagine leaving this place and I’ll probably end up staying around the area as well. But as much as I love it here I’m jealous that you’re on a cruise! Have a good one 🙂

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