The Family

I’ve been meaning to write a post about my family for a while now, but I think that they are such a huge part of my life that they deserve their own permanent page. I’ll keep it quick, but I just wanted to given an overview about how my life came to be.

001I am probably most like my Dad. He is quick to joke around with people he just met and always takes conversations very lightly. But, don’t be fooled, because he can be deadly serious whenever he has a job to do or is passionate about a particular stance. Because we are so similar, we often clash and I probably argue with him more than anyone in my family. But I love it because we can both see the other’s side, and it makes reconciliation that much easier. I can’t believe how natural it is for him to constantly work so hard. He is the most impressive man I have ever met and I truly love his amazing personality and easy smile.

Mom at Lobsterfest!

Mom at Lobsterfest!

My Mom is the one I talk to most often. Not that I love her more than my Dad, but she just figured out how to text and I think I’m the only contact in her phone. She is such a caring person and always wants to be involved in what’s going on with everyone’s life. Even though she can be quite naggy (and I’ve yet to meet a mom who isn’t) I can still appreciate the smart and insightful comments hidden between the bellows ordering me to clean up the house. Most of all, I admire her complete contentment for whatever situation she is in.

IMG_1507Jimmy, my younger brother, has always been the thorn in my side. When we were young he would take pleasure in annoying me and reveled in the wake of my furious outbursts over his actions. Now that I’m living away from home we seem to have mellowed out around each other. He has a very active mind that is better channeled in a non-academic setting, but he seems to have gotten a better handle on reality and has begun to make plans for his future. Even though he is currently a stubborn teenager, at home he will dance around the house like a lunatic, and I hope that spirit never goes away.

006 (3)My grandparents have been the loves of my life ever since we sang Barney songs together before I could even walk. My grandmother is one of the strictest people you will ever meet, and can come across as more than a bit abrasive. But, when she’s not ordering people around, she has the most delightful and ridiculous perspectives on the world, and it’s a pleasure to call her up every week. Conversely, my grandfather is the sweetest man you could ever hope to meet. He lost his parents at a young age, but grew up the most loving man you could ever imagine. He is so easy-going and good-natured that I aspire to be as joyful as him.

I have so many pictures of her, it was so hard to pick one!

I have so many pictures of her, it was so hard to pick one!

And of course I’m going to mention my kitty cat! Jo joined the family about 4 years ago and she’s been our littlest trouble maker ever since (though Jimmy could give her a run for her money). She is a beautiful gray cat with white paws and loves running around the house. We play with her far too often and I think she’s grown a little sick of us over the years, but that doesn’t stop her from jumping up on counters to see what’s going on or quizitively glancing over the plants to get a glimpse of what we’re having for dinner. I love her dearly and miss her most of all when I’m at school.

I really feel like all of these family members have led me to become the person I am today, and I am grateful to each and every one.

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