Handouts and Holidays

I’ve been that person stalking you as soon as you step out of your car. I know what it’s like to try making eye contact with someone who behaves as if I were Medusa herself and one sideways glance would turn them to stone. I am all too familiar with sending “good friends” a Facebook message only to have it go unanswered…even though I can see that it has been read and now I know that you’re clearly ignoring what it is I have to say so that the next time I see you in person you better believe I will be bringing this up and making you feel guilty…

I know what all of this is like, because I care.

I care about sick children, and having them and their families receive the care that they need from Children’s National Medical Center with support from Terp Thon.

I care about assisting those with specific needs and ensuring that the Special Olympics stays strong with assistance from those crazy enough to attempt the Polar Bear Plunge.

And it breaks my heart that I’m still struggling to fundraise for these two wonderful organizations during the holiday season of giving.

money giftI don’t particularly have a favorite holiday, but I sure do have a favorite time of year, December. Despite the chilly temperatures and the hushed sunlight, I find my joy from the people around me with their concern over quality time with the fam and their wonder over the one light display along that stretch of 32. Yet, these people who are more than willing to drop $6 on a cup of coffee with a Christmas themed Starbucks design are rattled when I ask for $2 to go towards me standing for 12 hours in support of Children’s National Medical Center, or $5 to go towards me diving into frigid waters in support of Maryland Special Olympics.

I’m not asking for the world. I’m not even asking for a country. I’m just asking for others to embrace that December spirit, the one that smells of holly and crisp pine, the one that makes you smile out loud when you see a child with the mall Santa, the one that says it’s perfectly alright to drink extra chocolately extra marshmellowy and extra whipped creamy hot chocolate. Embrace that spirit by not being afraid to look a caring person in the eye this holiday season, and embrace the spirit of humanity by daring to care about that person’s passion as well.holiday donation

To donate to Terp Thon, click HERE.

To donate to Ice Ice Save Me, click HERE.

[Luckily for you, WordPress, unlike Facebook, will not alert me if you choose not to respond to this post. However, so long as you keep your heart open to the idea of sharing a bit of the wealth with those who need it and with those who care enough to make the awkward attempt to ask for it, you’ll be living up to that December spirit and I’ll be able to feel that the world has become a better place]

10 thoughts on “Handouts and Holidays

  1. I always feel bad when those kinds of people come up to me in the parking lot…because I WANT to help them but I don’t carry cash! (much too easy to spend it that way, and much harder to keep a budget…) For some reason these people only come up to me when I get out of my car…I wish they would try again when I come out of the store…Every time someone asks me I always plan to come out with something to give them and every time I come out, cash in pocket, they are no where to be seen…even the salvation army guys have been eluding me! Strange to think it has been so difficult to give this year! Good luck with your fundraising!

  2. I’d like to pose a few philosophical questions and end with a recommendation of a book that holds the answers: What makes charitable giving possible? Isn’t the thing that makes charitable giving possible, also the thing that makes human life in general possible? Does virtue consist in charity above all else, or is the human activity that makes charity and all other human well-being possible, the truly virtuous activity? What really lifts people out of poverty all over the world? Did America become wealthy through charity? What has allowed the handicapped in the Western world to achieve better, more comfortable lives than ever before?

    I highly recommend Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It is a very inspiring book, and if you want to make your own life better, while also making a deep, positive impact on the world, it is the book to read.

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