Free Fallin’

Today, I woke up to an odd tingling throughout my body. A tingling that I hadn’t felt for many months. An unpleasant and altogether alarming sensation that bid me to raise my head from my matted and cozy pillow and look to the window and the world beyond. Though my eyes were still heavily crusted with the eye gunk that spoke to my deep sleep, there could be no mistaking what I saw. But, just to make sure, I rubbed my eyes and inched up a bit further off of the bed. Sighing, I plopped back down; yes, there was no mistaking it, I saw autumn.

I pulled the previously discarded covers up to my nose and took a few deep breaths. The chill I had previously experienced seemed to be disappearing, and a new emotion was stewing. Disappointment.

snoopy summer

With the beginning of fall comes a lack of vacations, the end of day trips to the beach, more school reading than is good for your developing eyesight, and a sun that just can’t compare to its glory days of summertime. From the moment that I looked outside through the slightly frosted window pane towards the browning leaves and dark morning sky, I knew that I wasn’t far from bidding my flip flops farewell.

These depressing trees are once again in our future...

These depressing trees are once again in our future…

The colder months have always seemed to fill me with despair (there is a reason this blog was started back in February, I am absolutely miserable during the winter months and I thought that I’d need something to keep me upbeat, positive, and positively engaged with the world). Both the fall and the winter greedily snatch away my afternoon tennis matches, make soaking up some rays a chilly impossibility, and cruelly transform the beautiful trees of the world into nothing more than a pile of grimy sticks with no aesthetic value until covered by the soft white of snow.

I did not ask for this. I never ask for this. In fact, I’ve so far removed myself from the possibility of having another couple months in the cold weather that this seasonal shift has taken me completely by surprise.

That might just be why, though in the throngs of an autumn transformation, I managed to enjoy my first fall since I foolishly longed for the days of snow and silence as a kid.

Those leaves hanging off of the tree sure do look beautiful.

When did smooth jazz become such a delight?

It’s been far too long since I’ve slide into slippers.

I never knew that the color red had so many shades.

Goodness, don’t I look cute in this scarf?

I was so shocked to find fall upon me that I forgot to compile a mental list of why I dislike this season. Instead, I was bombarded by all of the beauty and promise that fall has to offer. While my new-found affinity for this season may be short lived, I’m glad to give autumn one more chance to get into my good graces and search for the wonder behind the weather; provided it never again disrupts my sleep with its chill.

Though this signals an approaching winter, I can still appreciate its beauty while it lasts.

Though this signals an approaching winter, I can still appreciate its beauty while it lasts.

7 thoughts on “Free Fallin’

  1. I am always excited about the beginning of a new season…and ready for the end of them too. LOL. I grew up on the east coast but I’m currently out west so it was nice to read your post and remember fall. 🙂

    • I’m getting to the point where I love all of the seasons again, though it’s hard to enjoy winter while you have to walk 20 minutes to your class in the cold and snow. But I wouldn’t even know what I’d do if I were on the west coast and “removed” from all of the seasons 🙂

      • Ha, yes, the cold can be pretty miserable. I always tried to make a point of playing in it or taking pictures of sparkly snow…it helps to have cute boots and a hat/scarf/mitten set to wear too. 😉

  2. I love fall. In fact, it may be my favorite season of all! Summer gets too much hype and seems to live a life apart from the rest of the year. And it’s way too hot! And I’m not worried about fall leading to winter. I think all 4 seasons are dandy in their own way, so I just enjoy that season as is.

    • I use to be the same way until I had to walk around campus for 40 minutes in the cold snow and muck. It also tends to get windy here the more the temperature drops. Just like with showering, college has momentarily changed my perspective so much haha

  3. Living in the northwest, I hate the fall and winter months. Mostly because it always seems to be just about to rain, raining, or just finished raining. I hate the gray and the cold and the wet.
    But I love those rare moments when we get snow (it almost never lasts more than a day) and everything is cool and quiet and clear. It makes the rest of the muck bearable.

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