A Pescetarian Proposition

I don’t have any qualms about smushing a spider if it sneaks up on me in the house, but on the whole I’d say that I was an animal lover. I actually think that you’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t, what with puggles (an adorable mix between a pug and beagle) gracing the world with their cuteness.


Just recently, it was pointed out to me in a randomly life-altering article that if you wouldn’t eat your cat, why eat a chicken, or a pig, or a cow. What makes the life of a pig so different from that of a cat? Pigs are just as personable, fairly intelligent, and their oinks sound just as adorable as a soft little meow. I know that this may seems silly to some, as the differences are abundantly clear to a good portion of the population, but for me, this realization was devastating. In one brief comment, I saw that all animals lives (except perhaps spiders) were worth the exact same and were worthy of the exact same protection.

cute animals

I don’t really eat a lot of meat to begin with. I once went 2 years without eating pork, I don’t have a taste for steak, I enjoy veggie burgers, and chicken is simply an addition to many meals that can be substituted out.  For me, becoming a vegetarian would be fairly easy (though more challenging once I return to UMD). Fish/seafood, however, is not something that I could see myself giving up, both due to the particular way my mouth waters when I see it, and its nutrient content.

When it comes down to it, there are tons of reasons WHY becoming a pescetarian would suit my lifestyle:

  • Because it’s healthier
  • Because it increases energy levels
  • Because it saves money
  • Because it’s better for the planet
  • Because it’s an easy transition for me
  • Because all animals deserve to be treated humanely

But mostly, it’s the fact that if we hadn’t domesticated certain animals, they could be on our menu too. And I just couldn’t bear the thought of someone eating my cat instead of brushing her fur.

cat vs. chick

Animals are not food. They are animals. And as animals, they deserve to be loved and petted and adored and have cute and smile-inducing pictures of themselves taken. No exceptions.

snuggly pigs

10 thoughts on “A Pescetarian Proposition

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  2. You are a far better human being than I, Katy. Every week I try to go at least 3 days without eating meat and even that’s a struggle. Agree with you about spiders, too. I’m convinced there’s one living in my air ducts that is plotting to kill me.

    • Hey that’s a good system of 3 days no meat! I’m on my fourth day right now and I feel like a bottomless pit I’m so hungry. Also the spiders in our houses must be communicating because I swear that I have a few in my vents.

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  4. I’m a pescatarian, too, but every once in a while, my body will intensely crave chicken, and that’s when I know I need to cave for that meal. I don’t know what it is exactly that my body wants — the extra protein or that specific type of protein, I’m not sure — but I just wanted to let you know my experience in case you find yourself feeling the same way. I’ve found that it’s better to let my body have my way at those times (which come maybe every 3-4 months, or longer), and it’s different from having a mouth craving. I hope that makes sense! Good luck with your journey!

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