Letters to Soldiers

Every Monday people from my dorm gather together for Manicure Movie Monday. We paint colorful designs on our nails, laugh at classics like Bruce Almighty, and enjoy each other’s company. But this past Monday, we added something a little more special to the agenda. We wrote letters to soldiers deployed overseas.

At first I was nervous about what I was expected to do. The idea that my words would be responsible for a soldier’s entertainment or relief from their current circumstance was daunting. I delayed writing my letter until my nails were painted. But after I had applied my last coat of Ruby Ruby, I was still afraid of scribbling some words onto sheets of colorful construction paper. I delayed writing my letter until Bruce found true happiness and contentment being himself.

Yet, even after the film, I was still unsettled by the notion of having to write; something I’ve enjoyed doing since a young age. I didn’t want to create letters that lacked originality, purpose, or creativity, and I knew that the soldiers who would be receiving my letters deserved much more than I could provide for them. But, then I also realized that those brave men and women did deserve something, and who was I to take away what they’ve so clearly earned?

I wrote 6 letters that day. They didn’t contain much, just my deepest gratitude for the courage they’ve shown in service, and some random tidbits about the crazy Maryland weather. I tried my best to lace my words with emotion and appreciation, but even if all they take away is that it was snowing here at the end of March, I think that’s a job well done, because they know that someone, somewhere, is thinking of them.

letters to soldiersThis isn’t our box of letters, but I’m grateful that other people are dedicating their time to supporting such a worthy group of individuals.

Thank you soldiers!

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