Stress Drinking

I have a lot of midterms coming up. Yikes! In addition, I have two papers, a business proposal, and a website design due. Double yikes! And while trying to juggle all of my academic responsibilities I still have two jobs and a steady date with the gym. But, instead of shirking away from my responsibilities, I am facing them head on with a little help from what’s in my mug.

That’s right folks, I’ve been drinking hot chocolate and plenty of it. It’s the perfect thing to lighten my mood when I’m in the middle of a theory review, or need a boost to get through those last 20 pages of The House of Mirth. I love using lists to get my work done, but those lists just don’t give me the same satisfaction as a nice steamy cup of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, stirred smoothly, and topped off with a little skim milk so it’s enough to warm me, but not too hot as to burn a hole in my tongue  Even as winter begins to leave us, this is one treat I’m going to continue indulging in until the end of the semester. Because, what makes you happier than chocolate? Actually, I really don’t know…but if I find something, I’ll write a blog about it.

Mine never look as good as this...But I'm sure it tastes just as delicious!

Mine never look as good as this…But I’m sure they taste equally delicious!

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