Looking Up, Literally

I walk. A lot. It kind of comes with the territory of being a student at College Park. Be it trotting along listening to my music, or shuffling to work with my body braced against the wind, I feel like I’m always walking. And, due in part to the frequent nature of my walks, I’ve found myself multitasking a bit too much while on the move. Heading over to McKeldin? Perfect time to reflect on my English paper. Need to go to the gym? Why not call my grandparents on the way there, I haven’t talked about the weather in a while. But, all of these distractions have taken the focus off of something I really need to concentrate on, walking. I know walking doesn’t require much thought. We’ve all been doing it since we were tots and it’s more than second nature at this point. But, with all of our distractions I seem to have taken it for granted, mainly in the form of not looking up while walking.

With all of my distractions I seem to have forgotten that there is a beautiful world out there. Old brick buildings, fidgety squirrels, and enormous trees that are kind enough to lend shade in the sweltering summer but finicky enough to drip sap on a moment’s notice. I’ve been too absorbed in my own world, lost in thought and looking at the ground, to appreciate the one right in front of me. All this week I’ve taken care to remind myself to look up while walking, and the difference it made was striking. Feeling bummed out? Need a pick-me-up? Want to reaffirm your views on life? Simply look up. The ground is lonely and cold, but when you tilt your head back at that slight angle the world is suddenly a better place. Those squirrels are frolicking in the trees, the newly green scenery attempts to overrun the buildings brimming with students, and the sun shines down its blessing on those beneath. This earth is a truly amazing place to live. Never forget to look for that, and  always start by looking up.


I can tell the difference, can you?











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