Book Time

At a very young age I developed a love affair with books. I remember going to the library by my house and checking out dozens of books, staying up late under the covers of my bed until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I think my favorite series followed the crime-solving adventures of the Boxcar Children, whom I swore would be the namesakes of my future kids. This early fascination with literature contributed to my chosen major, English. However, when I relocated to college, the library I frequented was an hour away, I had no transportation to get there, and I was too bogged down with school work to pay much attention to anything else. To make matters worse, I soon found that my English classes were more focused on writing than the deconstruction of texts, and as I gradually got use to the lack of reading in my life, I became somewhat despondent and feared I would never regain that once grand sense of contentment.

And then my Nook happened. Over Christmas, my parents got me the simplest Nook e-reader, unsure if I could get use to the decided lack of texture and feel that a real book provides. But, the convenience of having thousands of books at my disposal (through my library’s e-reader program and the Barnes and Noble site) was too fantastic to ignore.IMG_1824 In my earlier college years, I found myself scarcely reading due to a lack of accessibility to books; I now find myself struggling to get through classwork because I am so swept up in my latest novel. My long lost love for reading has returned, and I intend to cherish it til’ death do I part.

I don’t really know if this blog post has a point, but if it does, I suppose it’d be this: don’t stop doing what you love. I truly enjoy reading and when I was unable to do so, it felt as if a crucial part of myself was being repressed. Well, maybe nothing quite so dramatic, but I was still bummed out a lot. Life often gets in the way of things, but you need to make an effort to incorporate your passions into the everyday and reflect on what makes you smile. The most that can ever be done in this ephemeral world is to ensure that your time is occupied by things that contribute to your happiness.

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