Artwork and a Carefree Attitude

I was walking to one of my Communications classes in the Art-Sociology building when I made it to the lobby and noticed a couple sculptures made out of cardboard, littered over a little seating section. Everyone was looking at them in admiration and passing on by, their eyes rooted to the pieces until their feet carried them on, but luckily I had to wait outside for a bit and got to enjoy them longer than the passersby.

I have seen a few things like this over my years at Maryland, big, wooden boxes, large and colorful flowers, and my favorite of all — sheep! I was walking past that same building about a year ago and saw wooden sheep with cotton ball bellies in front of the building doing various activities. One was riding a bike and another was attempting to retrieve a kite from a tree, in what looked like a pretty unsuccessful attempt. Everyone was laughing and pointing at those sheep, and their presence completely brightened my day! But, I was too much of a coward to take pictures of them.

I know it seems lame, it’s just a picture, some other people even had their phones out snapping images. But, I just wasn’t comfortable going against the norm of pretending not to care and just going about my day. Yet, in reality, I really loved seeing those sheep and I instantly regretted  not taking any pictures of them. I let the stupidest bit of stupid insecurity hold me back in an effort to not seem enthusiastic, how most kids want to appear. Well, that’s stupid. And I’ll tell you what, I took pictures of those sculptures. People looked at me a bit, but I truly didn’t mind, they just wish they had the courage to care about something and make it known.

ImageImage<– I really like this wolf, I think he is so cute and possible something that I could figure out how to make.

They had a lot of other things, but I didn’t really care to take pictures of them. I like the gramophone though –>

I think the two most popular were the guy in the nifty orange costume and the Maryland Terrapin. I am so proud to have gotten pictures of both. I feel a bit ridiculous using the word “proud”, but I accomplished something and got over my insecurity, and now I have these wonderful memories to reflect on. Now I can only hope the sheep make a reappearance.


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