Tea Time!

Most every day I wake up at 7:30 am, sometimes I attend class, sometimes I stare at a computer screen for hours, and some days I just relax in my room. However I start my day, I always try to do it with a nice, hot cup of tea.

I have a kitty cat mug which I’ve used since childhood, a scrabble mug with my first initial on it and a double letter score in the bottom, and a Kenneth the Page mug that my best friend got me for Christmas, exclaiming “I don’t drink hot liquids of any kind, that’s the Devil’s temperature.” Then there’s the tea itself, regular Lipton, Green Tea, and an Acai Berry whose aroma is intoxicating. Smelling these teas in my wonderfully patterned mugs gives me a happiness that is hard to describe. I know that whatever the day will bring, my tea time will remain the same and calm me as to what is ahead.


(I wish my cat mug was more like this…)

It’s something simple, having a drink. But when I drink tea I’m not on the sugar high of an energy drink or getting burdened down by the sluggishness of soda, I’m simply reminded of the history of tea which gives me a connection to the world. I remember the old Chinese remedies that incorporate tea and how it is a universal drink that breeds sophistication and class. Or at least, that’s what I like to tell myself. No matter the reality and true simplicity of the drink, I am free to explore my worldly connection, my thirst for something beyond a liquid, and my morning.

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